Simple Care to Keep Bruce Hardwood Flooring Looking Great

People worldwide are being impressed with the durable yet elegant hardwood flooring manufactured by Bruce. Their three grades of hardwood flooring, known as good, better, and best, all rate among the highest-quality flooring on the market today. The difference between the three grades lies in the number of natural “flaws” that are in the wood.

Actually, these so-called flaws do a lot to make your hardwood floors unique. You can expect the “good” hardwoods to contain more knots, pinholes, and mineral streaks which give the wood character. However, since every grade is made of wood designed by nature, you will find every category, including the best flooring made, contains marks that give it real personality.

Instead of choosing a Bruce hardwood floor, you might prefer their line of laminate flooring which is made with the same quality that you’ll find in all of their flooring products. Any of the Bruce floors will be easy to maintain, and generally no more will be needed than a good sweep or vacuum. When you do need to wash them, use a damp mop and be sparing with the water, since water could damage them. After you’ve finished mopping the area, you’ll want to dry the floor carefully with soft cloths.

Abrasive cleaners and scouring pads are definite no-nos when it comes to caring for Bruce hardwood or laminate floors. Using either of these products will damage the shiny, polyurethane coating the pre-finished floors are given during the manufacturing process. Along the same line, floor waxes will also damage this coating. Unfinished flooring is also available which you can finish yourself with stain and several coats of polyurethane to achieve the same shiny effect.

Even though Bruce hardwood floors are made to be as resistant to damage as possible, age and wear will eventually begin to show on any hardwood flooring. Heavy furniture can cause denting. If you leave mats or rugs in the same place on the floor for long periods of time, you’ll find that the exposed flooring has darkened, but the spaces under the rugs will not have done so giving your floors a mottled appearance. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to move any rugs from time to time to prevent this from happening.

These simple cleaning methods and tips are all you’re going to need in order to keep your Bruce hardwood floors looking their best for many years. In order to prevent staining, you’ll also want to be sure and wipe up any spills right away. One advantage of laminate flooring is that spills won’t damage it the way they can with hardwoods.

Tile and Stone Flooring

Tile and stone flooring ranks among the most durable of options that when installed properly can withstand the lifetime of your home and even more. Other than the inherent strength, these offer almost everything that you will ever need for a flooring that is both functional and stylish. Though these choices make up for great investments, there are still essential things about tile and stone flooring you need to know for you and your New York home to fully avail of all the possible benefits. Read on to find out and make the selection easier with information ideal whether you are in Long Island, Staten Island, Queens, Manhattan or Brooklyn.

Tile and stone flooring are basically different materials but somehow meet somewhere. Tiles are hard-wearing floor option of fired clay that comes glazed or unglazed and in a very wide range of sizes, colors, and patterns that make up for unlimited designs. Stone on the other hand is a natural material that owes its exquisite beauty and strength to time and all earthly elements. Some of the most common stone floor materials include granite, limestone, travertine, marble, slate, sandstone and limestone. Stone can also come in the form of tiles-composed of genuine aggregate attached to polymer binder, which can be a relatively cheaper alternate for pure slabs.

Stone flooring can be classified among the high-end choices but nevertheless boosts home value considerably. Though pricey, it can prove to be a great investment so ensure proper installation and hire qualified contractors to handle the job efficiently for you. Tiles offer a very varied price range with costs depending on size, material, and how they are manufactured. Ranking first among the most expensive when it comes to both labor cost and the material itself is stone tiles. Custom-made art tiles are priced around $25 or more depending on the intricacy of the designs. The cost for ceramic tiles stretch between $5 to $20 per square foot with contractor service not yet included. The cheapest you can get is opting for vinyl.

When considering your tile and stone flooring options, it is important to assess the needs and functions of the room where it will be laid out. Each choice has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Generally, these floor alternatives are hard with the exception of vinyl tiles that offer resilience. Though most popular when it comes to bathrooms and kitchens, they can also serve living and bedroom areas sufficiently. Certain types like unglazed tiles and marble floors can easily be stained. And the list of the pros and cons goes on, so take time and weigh things carefully to land with the best fitting choice. Other than being practical when it comes to cost and functionalities, your choice will also be a matter of personal taste.

Another very important factor to consider when selecting through your tile and stone flooring options is the long term benefits. If you plan on selling the house in months time, having stones for your floor may not be ideal. The floor is among the greatest contributors to any room’s ambiance. It is also the main element with which the design and color of the rest of the d├ęcor and furnishings. With this in mind, natural stone flooring would be most appealing and timeless.