Top Tips For Choosing Your Door Handles

As we all know door handles are used to open and close doors, that’s pretty much a given, but what most of us don’t realise is how much they play a part in the styling of our home. Your door handles are there to decorate your rooms and doors in a subtle and delicate manner. The style of your handles gives your home a touch of character and quality and so it is important that you choose a design that suits you and your home. You wouldn’t rush out and buy the first colour of paint you came across for your living room walls and so you shouldn’t go out and buy the first style of door handles you come across either, take your time and browse the available options, you’ll be glad you made the effort.

Here are some tips and hints to help you choose the perfect handles for your home:

Stick To Your Budget – most people when they decorate their house have a budget in mind of how much they want to spend on paint, furniture, and carpets, this budget should lend to your door handles as well. Think about how many doors you have and how many door handles you are going to need and split the budget up wisely. Once you have a budget in mind this will make it easier as you’ll have a price range to search within.

Door Handle Privacy – when choosing your door handles you need to consider whether some of your doors will require a lock such as on the bathroom doors and on some bedrooms. More than likely you will want a lock on the master bedroom door but not on your childrens bedroom doors if they are quite young, or perhaps if they are at the teenager stage they are demanding one! Generally speaking most people have a door handle with a lock for any bathrooms in the house to give a sense of privacy. It is important to keep in mind when purchasing your door handles which doors will require a lock and which will not.

Keep In Style With Your Home – of course there is no right or wrong style when it comes to door handles, but there are styles that will suit your home better than others. Take a look around your house and your rooms and pinpoint your style and taste, do you prefer silver or gold, do you like plain straight lines or shapes, do you prefer two colours or one colour? Once you have a pretty good idea of your home’s sense of style this will make it easier choosing handles to match.