Goal Oriented Design

Web design is not art. It involves a whole collection of different skills including typography, layout and art.

To combine all these elements of web design and achieve your desired results, your design team should guide you through each aspect of the design, always working towards your sites key goals.

Goal oriented design is the combination of your key goals and our web design process. A good design house will not simply design a user interface that looks good. They will design interfaces that will help you accomplish your key objectives.

Many websites out there look fantastic, but often fall short in their intended function. Design styles are of course important, but a good we design company will keep the implementation of those techniques and styles focused and relevant. For example, a blog isn’t a marketing brochure; so they would focus their attention on usability and readability rather than style. Similarly, a promotional website for a computer game would feature graphics and styles that portray a specific feel and style; the aesthetics would be very important here.

When designers create a look and feel that is currently fashionable without any thought of how it will function, the result is unlikely to be very effective.

Web design is all about crafting an interface that communicates function, is usable and accessible and portrays the right emotion and feeling. Effective web design needs all of these elements to be in tune with the goals of the site, and in conjunction with the objectives behind the website. Strategic design is all about identifying those goals and using them to guide your design.

The main gist of goal oriented design is simply common sense, we’re making something for a specific purpose; so naturally it should fulfil that purpose through its design. The key is to not lose track of the goals, and end up with something that is beautiful but ultimately doesn’t work. Without goal oriented design, design agencies easy fall into the trap of implementing the latest design trends just because they look attractive or they may shape a section of their website to resemble another website that they really like without first thinking about why they are doing it or how it fits in with the clients purpose and goals.

A web design company will avoid falling into these traps by thinking through every design decision they make. Why is this button this colour? Why are we using tabs? Why should we use icons here? The design process should be very focused, and constantly have the product or organization they’re representing in mind. Thinking about the target audience and your brand. What will work in this context? What is expected? How can we use design to best fulfill the website’s purpose? Good design houses don’t don’t just build beautiful websites, they make websites that really work.